I love marketing.  I know the power of a good title.  In business terms, you want to encapsulate your prospect’s deepest emotional want into the name while promising a result.  The best example I’ve ever seen is
“Double your dating”.
There’s also
“5 hour energy”.
“I will teach you to be rich”.
“Earn 1K on the side.”

It gets the entire idea across instantly, doesn’t it?  It also promises results.  Double your dating?  Well you can imagine what that would look like.  It’d be amazing wouldn’t it?  To go from say… dating one girl a year to 2 girls a year… well that’s actually a pretty big difference.  Earn $1K on the side?  That’s actually a life changing amount of money.  Just $1,000 extra say.. over 2 months.  Really different isn’t it?

I just saw an ad for a product called “stealth seduction”.  It was a video pitch with a darkly themed little page.  I didn’t listen to the pitch.  I didn’t need to.  The title got it all across.

First off, redundant.  Seduction already implies an element of stealth since it’s defined as “[to] attract (someone) to a belief or into a course of action that is inadvisable or foolhardy”.  If you’re not stealthy, then the seduction won’t work.

Second and much more importantly, the type of guy who sticks around for that may possibly be able to actually get a girl or two but people don’t stay tricked forever… and there’s only a certain type of girl who can be seduced that way or at all.  Wouldn’t it be better to actually be attractive?  Instead of tricking girls into being attracted, you’re just being who you are.  Silly product.  Alright name (although notice how no result is actually promised?) but a bad approach.  But I’m sure a lot of insecure little boys will buy it.  Insecure people are very suggestible, after all.

Ha, maybe that’s what it’s selling.  Dupe.. err I mean SEDUCE other insecure little boys into buying this thing that doesn’t really work.

It’s wrong.  For anyone who buys, they won’t get what they actually want.  And that’s bad business.  May you fail miserably as a business, Stealth Seduction.  That fate would already be too good for you.