You will never get more out of life than you expect.  –Bruce Lee

The sky is the limit with your goals but you have to realize that setting low expectations can pigeonhole you into mediocrity.  And for most people, for most goals, that’s alright.  Do you need to be the best “weight loser” ever?  Probably not.  In fact, to start learning behavioral change you should really start with easy goals.  Don’t make it amazing, just a humble 20lbs over 2 months.  Very easy.  And that’s why it’s a great “starter” goal to set, but what if you’re already good at these elements of behavioral change (High value goal setting and limiting behaviors)?  Where do you go now?

Most people make the mistake of “forever” goals when what they really want is better served with a High Value goal.  But if you have those steps down and want something more, NOW those “someday” and “forever” goals come into play.  And they should be huge.  The big idea here, the larger strategic picture is that you should test out behaviors and see what you really like.  You don’t have to commit to being a gymrat for the rest of your life just to lose 20 lbs.  It just requires a few simple changes and a bit of psychological knowledge.  But when you do find something that fills you with wonder, you need to go full bore.  This is the passion chasing they always talk about.  (The big secret is that passions come from what you’re good at–so getting good at things is the first step, THEN your passion flows into them).  Think of it like this.  Where would we be without those crazy goals?  Where would we be without those inspiring and dangerous goals?  Where would we be if everybody was “reasonable”?

Look at the difference in my goals as they evolved from months ago to now:

4 months ago: “I want to write 12 practice ads this month and get feedback on them so I can learn copywriting–which will lead to more persuasive websites for my businesses.

Now: “I want to be a world-class copywriter.

7 months ago: “In 6 months, I want to develop a comprehensive self-defense curriculum so I can teach women how to be safe faster than anyone else in my city.

Now: “I want to be the best martial arts instructor in the world–with the most scientific approach to hand to hand combat that there is.

Be unreasonable.  Be ridiculous.  Be completely unrealistic.  Break the “rules of behavioral change” I’ve laid out for you.  (if you’re clever, tell me what’s wrong with the forever goals in the comments–if I was just learning behavioral change, why would these goals make me fail?)

Here is why you should be ridiculous.

A goal is not always meant to be reached.  It often serves simply as something to aim at.  –Bruce Lee